Welcome To PRBC

Thanks for visiting us online.  We are excited to offer our new website to the Greenville community and the world.  Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church has stood the test of time for over 100 years.

In that time we have experienced enormous highs and lows while ensuring that God’s infallible Word continued to be taught.  We have undoubtedly noticed a shift in the way technology has forever changed the landscape by which we communicate.  PRBC has taken on the challenge of offering some of the benefits that these  technologies offer.  We made a commitment to “Bridge The Gap” by creating a means by which our church services can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home, internet, social media, or cell phone.  

With the explosion of Social Media, we saw an opportunity to offer Live Services via our Facebook Page. No other church has offered their services live on Facebook before. But, not only are we offering our church services live,  we are also broadcasting live from Facebook and this website, live weddings, graduations, plays, funerals, etc. We hope you enjoy all that PRBC has to offer and we encourage you to join the website for a monthly newsletter and event information.


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