Dr. Albert Mark Hines

 Dr. Albert Mark Hines

Dr.  Albert Mark Hines, Sr.,  a native of Jackson, Mississippi, was born April 25, 1953 to the late Rev.  Willie (W. H. ) Hines and the late Mrs. Andonia Anderson Hines of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He is currently married to the former Miss Chandra Rene Hinton of Laurel, Mississippi, and is the father of six (6) children and the grandfather of six (6) and the great grandfather of one (1)

Dr. Hines accepted Christ into his life at 5 years of age.  God called him into the ministry in 1967 at the age of fourteen.  He finally accepted the call to preach seven years later at the age of twenty-one.

Dr.  Hines graduated from the William H. Murrah Senior High, June 19, 1971.  He also received four (4) years of ministerial training in the Hattiesburg Crusaders for Christ Inc.  and one (1) year of training at the South Mississippi Theological Seminary of Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  In 1997, he decided to further his Christian education at The Institute for Teaching God’s Word Seminary in Rockdale, Texas, where he received a B.B.S., June 6,  1998, a Masters Degree in Christian Counseling – June, 1999 and a Doctorial Degree in Christian Counseling – June, 2000.

In 1973, Dr. Hines united with the Saint Paul M.B.  Church  of  Richton, Mississippi and was licensed as a Gospel Preacher on May 23, 1975 and ordained July 2, 1976.  There he served as Minister of Music, and later became the Assistant Pastor.  He also served as Second Assistant for the Hattiesburg Crusaders for Christ Deliverance Baptist Church and Associate Minister of, formerly ( The Greater East Jerusalem M.B. Church), later known as ( The East Jerusalem Full Gospel Church)  of Laurel, Mississippi, where he continues to hold membership and serves on the Advisory Board,  under the covering of Bishop Iola Hines.

The Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church,  established in 1980, Called Dr. Hines on April 4, 1980, to become the fourth (4th) Pastor of the Church, where he is diligently and successfully served over the past 23 years.

Dr. Hines concludes with this confession of his own faith ; “I have made a vow and have taken a Bold and Firm stand for the Lord.  I am determined that nothing and nobody shall turn me around,  for I am rooted and grounded in Jesus Christ the Solid Rock.  Therefore,  I CANNOT, I SHALL NOT and I WILL NOT BE MOVED!  Hallejujah!”

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